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COVID-19 Safety Measures

COVID-19 Safety Measures

To Our Valued Guests… Our Ohana,

As we are in the business of serving people and in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak, it is important that we give you as much information as possible about the procedures we follow to clean and operate our establishments and maintain a sanitary environment.

G.LION HAWAII is closely monitoring developments around the spread of the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Topmost in our minds is the safety of our employees and guests, which is why we have taken, among other things, the following preventive measures:

  • working closely to ensure that new operating protocols are implemented and strictly adhered to;
  • immediately sending home employees who are showing flu-like symptoms until they are symptom-free;
  • reinforcing appropriate hygiene amongst our staff and requiring all service members to vigorously and frequently wash their hands;
  • implementing additional safety and sanitation training for all employees;
  • not allowing employees to use personal devices during work hours;
  • instructing employees to sanitize pens and notepads used for service;
  • increasing the frequency of cleaning all areas of the restaurant, including doors, seating and bathroom surfaces with antibacterial disinfectant during restaurant service;
  • requiring the culinary team to wear gloves and hair nets while in the kitchen including the increased frequency of changing out gloves, especially after touching common surfaces and/or any body part;
  • instructing employees on the proper way to handle plates, platters, utensils, glassware and cups to ensure that hands do not touch areas where oral contact is made;
  • spraying and wiping all tables, chairs, and all common surface areas with alcohol-based sanitizer after each party;
  • spraying and wiping down all menus and check presenters with antibacterial sanitizer after each party;
  • strictly following all guidelines recommended by the CDC;
  • adhering to the travel bans and prohibiting employees from returning to work until a 2 week quarantine has been completed;
  • managing reservations and dining table spacing for proper social distancing protocols;
  • ascertaining that our vendors and suppliers are engaging in prudent and preventive measures; and
  • doing all we can to keep our employees abreast of COVID-19 developments.

Similar to retail and entertainment environments, our properties allow the individualized space of guests and therefore, as of this time, we have not made the decision to close any of our properties. Such a decision would invoke a personal hardship to our employee base. We are closely monitoring all other similar social meeting industries, facilities, and places such as malls, theaters, beaches, parks, shopping centers, wholesale warehouse clubs, grocery stores, and department stores, etc. and are prepared to quickly follow suit in the event the government requests that all facilities close down.The bottom line is that we remain acutely vigilant about this serious crisis. We will continue to do everything we can to protect our employees, our guests, vendors, and community, and to remain ready to serve you and your Ohana in the most appropriate fashion.

Wakana Tabata
President, G.Lion Hawaii
Hy’s Steak House, La Vie, and quiora Catering by Hys, Divinitive Occasions

We are grateful for your over 43 years of support of Hy’s Steak House and your unwavering support of our new establishments, La Vie and quiora. Thank you for your patronage and partnership. We have weathered many past pivotal moments together and the main message we want to convey to you is that we are here for you as we all navigate the unknown.

Supporting each other, with our minds AND our hearts, is pivotal for us to weather this together and we are honored to have you as part of our Ohana. We look forward to the light at the end of this current global time – a life full of celebrations with you and yours.